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Workplace Health and Cleaning Automation

Air Purifier 1300 square feet

This 1300 square foot Air Purifier isn't just a game changer—it’s a life changer HEPA purification system

Air Purifier 800 square feet

Alen BreatheSmart 45i is ideal for medium, large, and extra-large sized spaces. HEPA purification system

Business Robot Vacuum

Commercial robot vacuum built on a trusted AI platform to deliver a higher quality, more efficient clean

Purell Authorized Dealer

Purell Hand Sanitizing solutions provider for the Baltimore Washington metro area.

Workplace health is more important than ever. We are pleased to offer award-winning Air Purifiers, Vacuum Automation and Purell Sanitizing Solutions for a wide range of business and government organizations.

We specialize in offering volume price discounts and offer bid support for all our workplace health products.

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