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uniFLOW Online is a secure, public cloud print and scan solution for businesses of all sizes, facilitating management of their entire print environment. It has been developed from the ground up to enhance cloud technology’s benefits and meet the needs of businesses who do not want to invest in, or manage, local servers but still wish to control the printing process and benefit from flexible scan workflows. uniFLOW Online is built on Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge cloud environment technology; servers are not needed, businesses are ready for the future. It brings enterprise security standards and provides high scalability to react immediately to changing demands

Uniflow Online

Canon Fullsize copiers

uniFLOW Online comprises a broad set of comprehensive features. It oversees a business’ entire print and scan environment and provides device management with one solution, from secure printing and mobile printing right through to advanced scanning and automated filing processes. The modular design makes it easy to expand the print and scan environment with additional features, such as cost center selection or budgeting, while keeping maintenance to a minimum. uniFLOW Online integrates seamlessly into an existing office environment and enhances document and device security.

When using uniFLOW Online’s innovative technology, there is no requirement for a local server or edge device. All communications between the different entities can go directly or via the secure cloud, thus eliminating servers and minimizing IT efforts.

Those businesses that embrace cloud services are driven by opportunities to increase flexibility within their markets and to benefit from computing resources whilst spending less. Cloud print management and scan management reduces IT burden through eliminating servers and increases office productivity thanks to simplified print and scan processes.

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