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Companies receive documents from a variety of channels in multiple formats, including files from supported scanners and MFPs, watched folders, email attachments, and the cloud. Each might include crucial business information that must be integrated into a company’s systems to help with business continuity and/or kick-start further document processes and workflows.


Canon Fullsize copiers

ONE-CLICK VERIFICATION Confirm that captured information is reliable before exporting to compatible third-party and cloud applications.2,3 The user interface includes easy-to-use tools and techniques including Drag & Drop OCR, keyboard shortcuts, auto-zooming, all to carry out the verification job quickly and efficiently.

TEXT FINDER Easily search for data located near a keyword on a page with the help of IRISPowerscan’s Text Finder Tool and its Regular Expression Generator.

Sort incoming documents using a variety of techniques, including bar codes, patch codes, OCR/ICR zones, keywords, color detection, and regular expression. IRISPowerscan™ V11 also features a powerful layout recognition technology known as IRISFingerprint™, which can learn the appearance of various document types and perform identification without using text, labels, and bar codes.

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Classification and Data Capture platform from Canon IRIS PowerScan

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