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Relevance of Robotics Business

With all the talk about AI there has been little discussion about labor shortages still having a effect on certain industry's. Canon and Soft Bank have created Whiz robot vacuum for commercial offices, hotels, education, hospitality and more.

Here are the top 7 things why a business grade Whiz robot vacuum might be right for you!

- Industry-wide labor shortages

- The employee revolving door in the custodial field leaving for small pay increases

- The increased expectation and need for cleaner environments for patients, employees, students, residents, guests, etc.

- Overall, more services for less money. While Whiz handles repetitive tasks, employees can handle more white-glove, vertical disinfecting services.

- Helps you reach your cleaning and safety compliance standards already set by your organization

- Proof of Clean

- Automation & Efficiency

Here are the top 8 things why a business grade Whiz robot vacuum is right for you!

- Save on manpower costs by having a mix of manpower + the robots, where they work together as co-workers- we call this as COBOT work culture!

- Do not worry about staff taking sick leave or any emergency leave! While the whiz can continue to provide you quality floor cleaning jobs.

- Improve the air quality level as the robot can perform deep cleaning providing a healthy atmosphere and hygiene environment.

- Get more output from the robot compared to the manual cleaners.

- The Whiz robot can work on virtually any types of surfaces such as carpets, tiles, mosaic, and wooden floors too.

- Get notifications of work status through the pager and mobile phones.

- With the help of Saas web application, management team can get all the insights and statistics about the cleaning records performed by the robot.

- Irrespective of the office time, the robot can be put to use any time when needed.

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