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The Canon imagePROGRAF GP-6600S (60ʺ) and GP-4600S (44ʺ) large-format printers, with the newly developed 7-Color LUCIA PRO II Ink System, are built for bringing production signage, advertisements, and businesses to the next level. The GP S Series—with Orange ink—is designed to achieve bold and robust outputs with high lightfastness for longer-term preservation of prints; improved black density with a wider, dark-color gamut range; and high scratch-resistance on prints.

Canon GP6600s/4600s

Canon Genuine 160ml Pigment Ink Tanks

PFI-3100 Black, Gray, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

PFI-2100 Orange, Matte Black

Canon Genuine 330ml Pigment Ink Tanks

PFI-3300 Black, Gray, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

PFI-2300 Orange, Matte Black

Canon Genuine 700ml Pigment Ink Tanks

PFI-3700 Black, Gray, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

PFI-2700 Orange, Matte Black


- Excellent color accuracy

- Large color gamut, particularly in dark areas

- Superb scratch resistance

- Excellent light-resistant pigment ink to help improve ink longevity

- Orange and Matte Black helps enhance vivid eye-catching prints

- 96% of PANTONE™ Formula Guide Solid and Coated* Newly Formulated

Intelligent media handling helps reduce time and waste 

 – Automatic media feeding 

– Automatic media type, width, and length detection 

– Reduced media feed processing

Multifunction Roll Unit

– Standard with the imagePROGRAF GP-6600S

– Optional for the imagePROGRAF GP-4600S

“Ease of Use” - The user interface screen displays the ink levels, media indicator levels, and other setting prompts all on the home screen

- Easily see ink tanks and loaded media through translucent covers 

- Interior LED light for reliable operation, such as previewing output while printing

- Hot-swap ink tanks, change inks while printing

Designed to Achieve Robust Output Produces vivid color prints with more accurate color reproduction and improved black density color output than predecessor models. High scratch resistance with high light resistance for longer term preservation of prints. The GP6600S and GP4600 has fast print speeds thanks to Canons L-COA PRO Processor.

Software Professional Print and Layout enables easy professional photo printing with editing and layout tools, as well as color management capabilities. Free Layout Plus lets you nest, tile, and create custom layouts before printing your files with this print utility. Accounting Manager helps track actual ink and media usage and costs.

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