Shredder Service

Does this look secure enough?

It is our obligation as businesses to keep consumer and employee information confidential and secure. In fact, there are several federal laws that require businesses that possess such information to dispose of these sensitive materials properly. The main focus is to prevent identity theft.

Unfortunately, we have not been taking enough precaution, considering that there has been an increase in victims year after year for the past 4 consecutive years. The number of individuals that were impacted in 2017 was 16.7 million compared to 12.7 million in 2014. This statistical research is telling us that we need to be more careful with storing and disposing private information.

Some businesses have turned to shredding services to stay compliant with laws and regulations. We understand that these shredding services may claim to prioritize confidentiality and security, but no one should prioritize these materials more than the individual business themselves. At least, that’s what consumers and employees should believe when they hand in their private information.

Shredding confidential documents before it leaves the building is the only way to be entirely sure it is destroyed before someone else has the chance to see it. When a third party takes assumption of these duties, they become in control of disposing your data and you no longer have control of your data security.

The best thing to do is spend the time and resources to get the job done yourself with an office or commercial grade shredder. Just because the shredding service company gives you a certificate of destruction does not mean you are “off the hook” when a legal issue surfaces. The legal responsibility for the security of the information still remains with the business. A certificate of destruction is not a legal document, and will not relinquish your business innocent in the court of law.

Plus, these services are a constant expense that will never decrease. It is more beneficial and efficient to purchase an office or commercial grade shredder such as MBM Destroyit shredders, that provide reliable secure document shredders for all types of business. Reach out to your local certified MBM Document Shredder dealer to see which security level and size is better suited for your business needs. Security is not something you should risk!