New rules and regulations - General Data Protection Regulation allows control of data security

Are you ready for GDPR?


Have you ever felt like the data and personal information you submit online gets used in other ways than what you intended it to be used for? I personally feel that way and fortunately on May 25th, the new rules will go into effect.

In 2016 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rule was passed by the European Union (EU). These new regulations are being implemented to provide more protection, privacy, and security by allowing individuals to be in better control of their personal data.

Controllers are obligated to inform users of the time frame or reasons why user data will be retained on collection.  They must also receive consent from users, acknowledging the reasons for inquiring their information. Users will also be able to request for their information to be removed, once the data is no longer required for what it was originally collected for.

These rules were meant to be implemented and applied to the data and individuals in the EU, so what does that have to do with us in United States or anywhere else around the world? Due to the nature of how everyone is connected on the internet, it actually affects us all.

Websites that offer online services have to consider their visitors from all over the world, and therefore they must adapt to the rules of the changing regulations. They also want to avoid those heavy penalties that they would accumulate if compliance were not meant. Regulators will now have authority to issue penalties equal to the greater of €10 million or 2% of the entity’s global gross revenue for violations and double those fines for other certain violations.

Now that  the end of May is right around the corner, you can already start to see websites implementing these regulations to stay compliant. Our society has always been concerned about security, it’s a great thing that we are taking more initiative to protect ourselves and one another. Even though we don’t live in any of the European Union Countries, we can still get to reap the benefits of  the new rules and regulations. Whatever you do, stay secure!