Celebrating Small Business Week


Let’s face it, small businesses are the backbone of our country. They are the coffee and bagels we pick up every morning, the technicians that troubleshoot and fix our copiers and printers during the middle of the day, and all the little shops on our way home that make our lives so much more convenient. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for small businesses to stay competitive with larger or corporate businesses.

How can we help our small businesses in our local area? Well first off, let them know that you notice them! Small businesses try to stay relevant by going on social media to connect with their community.They’re reaching out for your feedback about what their doing and what they can do to improve the service that they provide for you. There is only so much small businesses can do to reach out to their consumers without spending their month’s rent, unlike larger businesses who can advertise on a larger scale.

Honestly, the next best thing you can do is just give them a shot. You’ll never know what they have to offer until you give them a chance. Especially, since they are waiting excitedly for you to come in, they’re more than likely to provide above and beyond service for you, compared to the companies that feel like you are already guaranteed business, and may take you for granted. So, go out there and show your support for your local small businesses, since they are the ones that help keep the economy pushing along!

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