Why You Shouldn’t Own Your Multifunction Copier

Here are the top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t own your office multifunction copiers.

Stop buying your office copier

I know what you’re thinking why not just buy your office copier outright or lease to own. Well just look at other electronics (cell phones, computers, etc) over time they are not supported by their manufacturers giving you no choice but to upgrade, same is true for office multifunction copiers. It is recommended you replace your office multifunction copier, no more than a minimum of 5 years simply because of these top 3 reasons why you shouldn’t own your office multifunction copier.

Office Copier SecurityReason #1 -Security 

Office multifunction copier security is often overlooked and can become a weak point for cyber criminals to target.  You protect your computers and network but often the multifunction copier is overlooked. Most people don’t realize that there is a hard drive in most modern multifunction copiers. This hard drive stores information from print, copy, fax and scan jobs, that without the latest in security this information could be compromised.

Like other electronics over time manufacturers just can’t patch certain security threats that come from technology advancements. Your office multifunction copier needs to be up to date to take advantage of the latest in office multifunction copier security to ensure that your company is secure.

Reason #2 – Productivity Productivity Office Copier

Technology is made to help complete tasks more efficiently and productively. Unfortunately, technology also does the opposite as they age. This is especially the case, when users become complacent and refuse to adapt to newer technology that could increase their productivity.

This is never more true than today, With the mobile workforce in full swing, tablets and Smartphone’s are now being used within the office and a 2017 study shows that only 28% of mobile users have access to mobile print in the office. Yet 64% say they are using mobile print on their home multifunction printers and don’t have mobile access at the office. This also brings up the need to scan to cloud services and easy file management. Updating your office multifunction copier will add these and more benefits as the workforce changes, keeping production and workflow moving forward.

Reason #3 – FinancesMultifunction Office Copier Finances

The phrase that,” Time is money,” is certainly true no matter what age we live in. That is why; large corporations initiate the change for newer technology, when it comes to improving productivity and efficiency. Productivity lost from outdated technology costs American businesses on average of $1.8 trillion per year. Replacing your office multifunction copiers a minimum of every 5 years ensures you are up to date with technology decreasing chances for lost productivity.

Let’s face it technology is consistently changing, with new technology, there comes advances in the way we live and work. Don’t let your office multifunction copier become obsolete or risk your company’s security. Contact your local Canon authorized copier dealer they have the knowledge, experience and programs that offer solutions to guarantee you never have to worry about your office multifunction copiers again!