Toner for your printer, not for your face


Now, I know you might have been thinking skin toner but I guarantee that if you rub this toner on your face, you might have some people staring at you.

As you probably guessed, we are not actually talking about toner for your skin. We are talking about laser printer toner and why it’s more efficient for your business, compared to inkjet printer inks!

First of all, there are two types of printers for toner and ink. One is a laser printer, which uses toner and the other is an inkjet printer, which uses ink. You can not use them interchangeably, but they are both used for the same purpose, TO PRINT!

Even though these cartridges are for similar purposes,  laser printers and it’s toner cartridges were built with the intentions to be used in business environments. Inkjet printers and it’s inks are intended primarily for consumer and home use.


Ever notice, when you walk in to a Walmart or another department store and see all the inkjet cartridges they carry, compared to Laser printer toners? That’s because their intended target market is mainly towards consumers. Although Inkjet printers have transcended into the business market, they are still the most expensive machines to operate.

Checkout these top 5 reasons how laser toner cartridges can make businesses more efficient!

Lower cost of operations – Laser printer toners contain a higher yield (meaning, the amount of pages that users are expected to print with one cartridge) and offers longer life components compared to inkjet cartridges which may cost less but offers extremely low page yield. In comparison, inkjet printing can cost approximately four cents per page compared to laser printer toner, which can cost as low as one cent per page.

Faster Output – Laser printers use a process called fusing to heat up toner powder, which then allows it to stick onto paper all at once. This allows for quicker processing and a faster output time compared to inkjet printers, that uses a carriage to move ink cartridges back and forth to drop ink as sheets of paper move through the printer.

Higher Picture Quality – This may not always be the case when comparing to photo-grade inkjet printers, but when comparing to similar models, laser printers have a slight edge due to the level of precision resulting in a more clear and define image.

Greater Longevity – Once again, because of the level of precision, laser printers do not have to be wasteful and therefore able to put out a higher volume of pages. It also helps to save a lot when laser printers are able to siphon off and reused extra toner.

Reliability – Since laser printer toner cartridges uses a powdered substance, they don’t dry out or get clogged, compared to ink based cartridge which can quickly dry up and become unusable. Not only that, when ink dry’s up it can also make your machine malfunction and cause major problems.

Hopefully, you can now see why laser printers and toners help allow businesses to function more efficiently and clearly see why they are the right choice for business applications!

Contact your local authorized dealer to start saving and functioning more efficiently!