When you should know it’s time to replace your office copier:

We know the copier is always the most overlooked piece of office equipment when it comes to business. Did you know, copiers that are 5+ years old are costing you money and could be jeopardizing your network security?

Holding onto an old machine may not be the best choice, considering that the cost to keep an older printer operational is much higher than maintaining a newer one. Older machines may continue to break down more frequently as it ages, and the cost for a technician to come out to make repairs won’t get any cheaper. It is also important to keep in mind, that replacing parts is a separate cost and tend to be expensive as well.

Statistics show that companies can underestimate the cost of printing by as much as forty percent. It’s pretty shocking to know that nine out of ten North American companies have no idea what they spend on printing annually.

Unfortunately, without keeping track of these expenses, businesses’ aren’t able to see and calculate the benefits of upgrading to save on expenses overall. Newer copiers offer monitoring to track and limit usage, while also allowing complete control over functions like copying, printing and scanning.

As mentioned in another blog we wrote, business also often overlook their copiers when it comes to security.

Every copier is meant to age as newer and more advanced ones are made to replace them. There is not much we can do, other than conform to keep our businesses safe from external threats that also continuously adapt themselves.

Our office copiers store everything that gets processed through it. If your office printer isn’t able to encrypt or erase the data that flows through the machine when scanning, faxing, or printing, you’re leaving yourself and other people’s information vulnerable.

So, if your copier is 5+ years old, you need to be asking, “Is cutting cost and keeping business information safe and secure important?” Then reach out to your local authorized copier dealer, they have the knowledge to put technology to work for you.