Broken electronic devices breaking your bank?



We can all agree that today’s electronic devices aren’t made to last forever. The daily wear and tear that we put on our devices are just as bad as how quickly technology leaves it’s predecessors behind.

At some point in the devices lifetime, something may go wrong and you’ll be forced to make a decision to either repair or replace your electronic devices. Generally, if the repair costs close to what you originally paid for it, then you’ll be better off buying a new one. Luckily, there are some electronic devices that are cheaper to repair than to replace!



We probably use these devices the most, and the prices of these electronic devices continue to increase over time. Unfortunately, so does the cost of repair. At-least the ratio for the cost of repair and the cost of replacement is relatively consistent.

Recommendation: REPAIR, Invest in cases and screen protectors (they can work miracles).



Computers can have a large array of problems, and prices will depend on what you have to fix. Some parts are more expensive than others, and some repairs may require more time. Either way, prices will add up and start climbing close to your purchase point.

Recommendation: REPLACE, Make sure your computer is frequently scanned and clean to stay clear of lurking malware and viruses. 



Laptops can get pricey, considering it offers the luxury of having our computers on the go. Portability is more efficient and efficiency comes with a price. Repair costs may sometimes creep high but it doesn’t come close to the astonishing price people are willing to pay!

Recommendation: REPAIR, Look up how to extend battery life to keep your laptop working longer!



Printers can be fairly cheap, especially if you’re getting the one’s from Walmart or even Office Depot. Those ones you’ll probably have to replace, unfortunately, to get it professionally repaired will cost you close to it’s originally value.

Recommendation:  REPLACE cheap printers, Look into purchasing a commercial grade printer for higher performance.



MFPs are office investments that we want to stick around. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose the right manufacture the first time. We wrote a blog some time ago mentioning how some dealers aren’t honest, and will recommend you a cheap machine that will look appealing to your wallet, just so that they can trap you for the long haul.

That’s why we choose Canon as our manufacture line of choice when we recommend office equipment to our partners. After all, they did win the 2018 Buyer’s Lab Award for Copier Line of the Year, in the past 3 consecutive years.

Recommendation: REPAIR, Reach out to your local authorize Canon dealer and inquire about Maintenance Contracts, if you aren’t enrolled in one already.