refurbished bang for your buck

Purchasing refurbished doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a bang for your buck! In fact, that’s exactly what you are doing, when you don’t have to pay full price for something that still works great!

refurbished piece of mindThis is especially the case, if the dealer is also willing to offer you an extended warranty on your purchase. That must mean that they are confident in what they are offering, considering that warranties are normally associated with brand new, unused items. Now that there’s a safety net, let’s jump in deeper!

refurbished trusted partnerOf course, you have to pick and choose your battles. Not every item is fixed the same way, nor is the integrity of every dealer. It is important to consider many aspects, such as what type of item it is or who you are acquiring it from, before making your purchasing decision.

Some things are better off not purchasing refurbished, but it just depends on the individual’s perspective, needs, and financial situation. For example, some people proceed more cautiously when it comes to cars, especially one that has been an accident because safety is a higher concern.

refurbished copiers and printersMulti-function printers have less risk and more benefits when it comes to acquiring them refurbished. Sometimes, educational institutions or larger businesses buy these machines in bulk and a few of them may get tucked in a corner and get barely used. So, when they get returned after their lease, they come back still in pristine condition, with extremely low page counts on them!

These machines are then tested and brought back into tip top like new condition, before being presented and offered to consumers. Technicians typically perform maintenance tests to see if anything stands out and to ensure quality in performance during printing and operation usage.

This is when businesses are able to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire their multi-functional printers for only a fraction of the price. Someone else’s lost may be your gain, reach out to your trusted authorized Canon dealer to inquire about the selection of refurbished machines that are available today to get your bang for your buck!


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