Real Estate is a very competitive market. As soon as your brokerage thinks it’s ahead on their marketing strategies, you realize that every other real estate agent or brokerage is doing the same thing. Let’s face it, traditional real estate methods of marketing won’t differentiate your brokerage from everyone else.

I am sure you see this every time you place open house signs near other ones. Whether it is next to newly constructed homes, luxury apartments, or even competing brokerages. They all just blend in with each other.

Now, picture a sign that stands out because it looks custom made. It’s wider than other usual signs, and the colors are even more vibrant than anything that it’s next to. Not impressed yet? Well, what if you could also include a sneak peek of what the house and property had to offer, or an address that prospect customers and clients can actually see and read.

Don’t you think this could separate you from your competitors?

How can you achieve this? Think about using a wide format printer to create custom marketing signage and posters. Typically, when people hear wide format printers, they associate the term with technical prints used by architects or engineers. In reality, it can be used for so much more, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising.


Canon Large Format Printers


I know what you might be thinking, that you’re a real estate agent, not a graphic designer. You don’t need to worry, nor do you need graphic designing experience. Canon offers a program with their wide format printers that is specifically designed to create professional custom banners, posters, and other signage quickly and efficiently. Best of all, it has a user friendly interface that doesn’t render professional quality output.

Prospect customers and clients would be ecstatic and impressed to see a property being shown in a unique and different way. Whether it’s on a sign or banner, the customized display will attract their attention and make you outshine your competitors!


What’s your alternative?

You could get custom signage from an internet retailer, but this can get expensive and lengthy when it comes to delivery time. You could be waiting one to two weeks or pay even more for express shipping, and hope that your custom design ends up how you want it to.

Compare that to having an in-house Canon wide format printer. You would be able to test and proof copies, and have prints created fast and efficiently, in-hand within minutes.

Reach out to your local real estate equipment specialist, and find out more on how to elevate your brokerage to a higher level.