What is the risk of ordering your multifunction printer online?

It’s natural that consumers want to shop around to get the best price. Everyone loves a good deal, but don’t rush to order online before you weigh out your pros and cons. You might end up losing out more than you gain.

The multifunction printer industry usually recommends that you acquire your office equipment through an authorized reputable dealer. It is so that you as a consumer, stay protected from fraud and are able to avoid having to deal with quality or authenticity issues. When shopping online, you don’t know where these sellers are originally getting their printers from or what the products went through before getting into the hands of the seller.

If you have ever asked yourself, why are there some sellers offering things so much cheaper than everyone else? You may have rightfully assumed that the deal is a scam, or the item may be damaged in some way or form. Regardless, it’s better to be safe than sorry, unless your willing to put your bet on something and risk that it may end up being worth nothing.

Even if nothing was wrong with your multifunction printer purchase and everything gets delivered to your liking, if something were to go wrong with the machine after some time, you probably won’t be able to reach someone to help you resolve your issues or file a claim. These sellers may be in a different state, and even if you reach them, they probably aren’t qualified or certified to help you repair or setup your multi-function printer.

Chances are high that they were there just to make the money and never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, not every seller has integrity, and you might not find that out until it’s too late!

Here are two other very important things to consider:

1. Once your machine arrives, it will still be in the box, unassembled.
2. You will have to reach out to an authorize dealer, to come out and set up the machine for you.

Your local multifunction printer dealer will most likely have to charge you for this process. Setting up the machine is time consuming, considering that the technicians will have to make sure that the firmware is up-to-date, as well as linking the multi-function printer to the computers around the office.

Unfortunately, this will make your multifunction printer undoubtedly start to cost more than acquiring it from a local authorize dealer in the first place. Typically, authorize multifunction dealers like Innovative Copy Products will include free shipping, set-up, installation, and the machine will come with a warranty and the option to include a maintenance contract, giving you total piece of mind.

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