Society has made multiple attempts to move away from the use of paper to create a cleaner environment.  But there is still an obsession with print!

When it comes to paper records, a lot of people feel a sense of comfort having a physical copy in hand. Especially, when it comes to expenses and managing their finances, 68% find that it is easier to track their records when it’s printed on paper. That’s probably one of the reasons why banks have trouble with getting all of their customers switching over to paperless statements.

What are the other reasons why we have an obsession with print?

When it comes to reading, most readers prefer the old fashion way, a physical book. There has been many different pushes for electronic books, but readers say it’s not the same feeling. Statistics show that 73% of Americans feel that reading a printed book or magazine is more enjoyable than reading them on an electronic device.

Print on PaperMobile devices are seen as the least relaxing way to read, with only 30% preferring this method. Yes, it definitely has it’s advantages, but there’s nothing better than holding a printed book, that you can turn the pages and  use bookmarks or fold corners to hold your spot.

79 percent of Americans agree that print on paper is more pleasant to handle and touch compared to other media.

So what? Why else would we need printing?

Well, without printing, everything would be somewhat bland. Businesses spend a lot of money on advertisements, especially printed advertisements. There’s a big focus on branding, like on posters, flyers, billboards, signs, etc., because it works! We enjoy seeing what businesses will come up with next!

reading print textprint paper flyers

In a way, printed material serves as a guidance. When you walk into a restaurant, you expect to see a printed out menu so that it can help you make your decision. Just like how flyers are made to let you know about a special or promotion.

As you can tell by these examples we are obsessed! with print on paper and in all honesty a good balance of print and digital we believe is great thing, whats your thoughts? Leave a comment or visit our Facebook page