Cyber Criminals lurking


Printer security is often overlooked and becomes a weak point for cyber criminals to target. Businesses aren’t cautious enough when it comes to making sure there are more restrictions and security software in place to prevent data breaches. Protecting your printers should also be a priority, considering that it can be another access point to get into your business’s network infrastructure.

Access cards increase security.

Office printers have the ability to help you keep it secure. All we have to do, is take the right protocols to make it secure. Often times, printers are not locked down securely, with default passwords such as “admin.” Don’t let these small details cause big problems for your business, especially if your printers are switched on all day and night, making them vulnerable 24/7.


Do you think your business is too small to be targeted by cyber criminals?


That is a possibility but let’s be honest here, these cyber criminals are going after sensitive information and customer details. They use this information for marketing purposes, sell it for money, and would even use it against you. So, it doesn’t matter what size business you are, cyber criminals are looking for high rewards with low risk, and unprotected printers offer them this opportunity.

Did you know, when it comes to cyber-crime, the penalty is lighter if you get caught compared to a physical crime? This makes it more appealing for criminals, because regardless of the risk, they are still willing to take that gamble.

Businesses want your data, they use it for research, marketing, and other purposes. That is how they gain an advantage over their competitors, like your business. They don’t know who the seller is or how they got it, but they’re willing to pay for it.

Don’t let your business be compromise, reach out to your local authorize printer dealer to learn more on how to keep your office equipment safe and secure!