Toner for your Skin?

  Now, I know you might have been thinking skin toner but I guarantee that if you rub this toner on your face, you might have some people staring at you. As you probably guessed, we are not actually talking about toner for your skin. We are talking about laser printer toner and why it’s […]

Document scanners are not in the past, it is what brings your business to the future

  Technology can make life easier and allow your business to function more effectively and smoothly. However, if your business does not have a document scanner to utilize, you might run into some difficulties staying ahead of the curve. Let’s go deeper into how document scanners can make your workplace run more efficiently.   Document […]

What home inspection companies can expect with the new Baltimore City law

There is a new law in Baltimore City requiring licensing and inspections of all private rental housing in the city, a measure that officials have called “the most significant update” to regulations written half a century ago.   What does that mean for housing inspection companies in and around Baltimore? Well, that means more business […]

Creating a Friendly Mobile Printing Environment Can Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Why is mobile printing important?  Currently mobile users account for 72.3% of the entire US workforce, with that number growing every year. When asked what is the biggest issue when trying to print from mobile devices, 20% of them responded that finding an access to print from their mobile device was a pain. How is […]

Copier Multifunction Machines non profit 501(c)(3) reduced price program

When non profit organizations look to invest into a Copier Multifunction, a few things are needed to make that decision easier. (1) How much does my organization have in a budget?  (2) What are my organizations needs for a new copier? (3) What will be the maintenance cost associated with purchasing or leasing a new […]