finishers make lasting impressions

Have you thought about how you can make your documents look more professional without outsourcing the job?

“First impression is the last impression.”

This saying is most likely true. Even if you do get another opportunity to change other people’s minds, they will still remember the first time. When it comes to business, if you don’t impress your customer, client, or any interested party, it’s very unlikely that you will get another chance to do so.

Document finishing options can help you create a lasting impact the first time. Whether your making booklets, pamphlets, packets, brochures, or putting together a proposal, document finishers can get the job done quickly and consistently.

The best part is that, it is attached to your multi-function printer, so your whole print job is taken care of from beginning to end. If you are concerned about the space that it may take up in your office, and don’t need the folding function, these finishers also come built internally, with only stapling and hole punching features. An external unit can take care of all your finishing needs, if space is not a problem!

Finisher on multifunction printer multifunction printer with finisher

Options On Finishers: Folding, Stapling, Hole Punching!

FOLDING: Paper can be folding several ways. This is helpful, as documents can be mailed, used for trade shows, or leave-behinds!


[Z-FOLD] – This is constructed by folding a sheet of paper twice in the shape of the letter “Z” to reduce the overall size of the document

[C-FOLD] – A document folding method that uses two parallel folds to create six panels of roughly the same size – 3 panels on each side.

[ACCORDION Z-FOLD] – A sheet of paper is folded twice into the shape of the letter “Z.” A Z-fold brochure looks like a fan because the panels don’t fold into one another.

[DOUBLE-PARALLEL FOLD] – A sheet of paper folded in half and then in half again. One half  of the sheet of paper is nested inside the other half. This creates an output with 4 panels on each side of the page.

[HALF-FOLD] – This has a single fold in the center of the paper, with two equal size, two-sided panels, resulting in a 4-page piece.

STAPLING: Keeps documents in their intended order. Stapled documents can help your audience follow your presentation. Staple-free stapling can allow you to distribute materials easily, without requiring the user to remove staples if they need to reorder the documents

HOLE PUNCHING: Some environments, such as manufacturing, engineering firms, and hospitals could request that some documents have specific hole-punch patterns.


Contact your local multifunction printer dealer to learn more about how finishing options can help you make a lasting impression from start to finish