Is it time for your business to lease a Multifunction Copier? Has your business needs grown to the point that the machines at your local office supply store just don’t do the job anymore? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to investigate leasing a copier multifunction!  But first you may want to consider these recommendations first.Canon 4500i Series II Printer All in one

The very first consideration when making any purchase is of course cost. Next you will want to find a knowledgeable technology partner to explain and give you a complete understanding of the copier multifunction copier leasing process. there are far and very few companies that are willing to discuss this “insider information” leaving you with the questions of “have I paid too much for my multifunction copier lease”.  

Let us break down some of the costs and try to give a general sense to the question: “How much does it cost to lease a Multifunction copier?”

Multifunction Copiers are typically broken down by capacity. This is based off the amount of use a machine will get over the life-span and this is directly related to the cost. Also, with increase capacity typically you will increase the speed at which the device operates. So understanding your monthly volume is the very first step in assessing cost.

The next step in your consideration of leasing a new copier multifunction is paper and paper sizes. The amount of paper a machine can carry on board is important and will impact cost, but a bigger cost influence would be what is the maximum size paper needed. A multifunction copier capable of producing prints and copies up to 11×17 (Ledger) is what is known in the industry as an A3 machine. If 8 ½ x 14 (Legal) is the maximum paper size that you’ll need to produce copies and prints, then an A4 machine will best fit your needs

The biggest noticeable difference between A3 (Ledger) and A4 (Legal) is the physical size of the machines. An A4 (Legal) Multifunction Copier is typically viewed as a desk or tabletop model; while an A3 (Ledger) is free-standing and considered more heavy duty robust models. A4 (Legal) machines are more compact and space friendly.

Also in today’s age of scanning It is important to note, that an A4 model will only handle originals up to 8 ½ x 14 (Legal). So if you regularly receive documents that need to be scanned at full 11×17 (Ledger), you’ll need to consider an A3 (Ledger) machine. Features and options must also be taken into account when deciding between these two units. Most A4 units are not capable of handling complicated finishing functions such as stapling, folding and booklet making as well as increased paper capacity for those long runs.

Now that you better understand the differences, let’s get to the reason you are here: COST TO LEASE A MULTIFUNCTION COPIER

 (A4) – (Legal): When leasing a business class A4 (Legal) device from a reputable authorized dealer you could look to spend anywhere between $50 and $100 per month depending on options and length of lease term which could range for 12 to 63 months.

 (A3) – (Ledger): The costs here will be much broader scale, since the capacity and other variables could change drastically. Again, find a reputable Multifunction Copier dealer, the costs of a (A3) – (Ledger) should be in the neighborhood of $70 and $400 per month with consideration given towards options and length of term and just like an (A4) device could range between 12 to 63 months

Please note the pricing supplied is for the hardware only, and does not included any costs associated with the maintenance and supplies needed to operate the machine.

Some other considerations that could impact your copier lease price:

  • Color or Black and White Multifunction Copier
  • Stapling/Finishing features
  • Increased paper capacity handling
  • Fax
  • Engine Speed

Above are just a few considerations and facts about leasing a Multifunction Copier.

Just remember leasing a multifunction copier all starts with a knowledgeable technology partner ; you will be able to talk with an expert in the industry who will recommend solutions based on your needs and pair those needs with the RIGHT LEASE OPTIONS! As always, let us know if we can help?