Document Shredders

Security is Priority

MBM Destoryit Document Shredders has proven themselves worthy of being in your office by having a reputation of producing shredders that can consistently last for over a decade. These shredders are just as reliable as they are durable, that is why they are considered made for heavy duty commercial grade shredding.

If you haven’t noticed already, normal shredders that are sold at your average office supply stores are mass produced with cheap plastic materials, and the quality of their craftsmanship doesn’t keep up to par. Destroyit shredders are actually constructed from specially hardened blocks of German grade steel, ready to shred sensitive documents while sustaining itself for years to come.

MBM Destoryit carries a variety of shredders that vary from different sizes, different capacities, to different security types. There are actually 6 different levels of security and 7 different levels of particle size for how fine you want your documents to be shredded.

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Destroyit Office Shredders: These shredders are equipped to handle the entire central office’s shred projects. They range from a security level 2 to 4, with a sheet capacity ranging from 10 to 60 sheets.

Destroyit Office Industrial Shredders: These shredders are equipped to manage your large projects. They range from a security level 2 to level 6, with a sheet capacity ranging from 37 to over 600 sheets.

Document Shredders

Different levels of document shredding


If you aren’t sure which type of shredder is best for you and you’re tired of replacing cheaply made shredders that you usually purchase from office supply stores, then contact your local certified dealer to help you figure out your needs.

Don’t waste money and time with purchasing and replacing those 1-3 year lifespan shredders. Purchase a shredder that has a record for keeping sensitive information secure and lasting over 10 years!