We live in a society that has an abundance of digital advertisements, but as consumers, what do we prefer?

One thing for certain, is that printed advertising material is not dead. Research has shown that physical printed ads are more effective than digital advertisements. Data shows that we take our time and review over printed ads longer. Statistics also show that consumers have a 70% higher percentage of memory retention and recall compared to digital advertisements.

It seems that printed ads are easier for our brains to process and trust compared to digital advertisements. When it comes down to making a purchasing decision, consumers trust printed ads more than they do search engine ads. This isn’t a surprise, considering that there are countless amounts of scams and cyber criminals around the internet.


Print your own marketing and advertising materials

Promoting business, while decreasing advertisement expenses is definitely possible. Businesses don’t have to outsource any of their printing jobs. Making printed advertisements such as posters, signage, banners, and other materials, can all be done in house.


For instance the Canon imagePROGRAF Wide Format Pro Series Printers offer businesses the ability to print their own marketing and advertising materials without going through the hassle of an outside source.


These imagePROGRAF Wide Format Printers come in different sizes and speeds depending on your business needs:

17 x 22’’- Approx. 9 min and 25 secs.
24 Inches Wide – 48 (sq. ft/hr)
44 Inches Wide – 52 (sq. ft/hr)                   S Series – 714 (sq. ft/hr)
60 Inches Wide – 72 (sq. ft/hr)                   S Series – 892 (sq. ft/hr)

Each machine operates with a full set of colors to ensure that when making prints, the machine is able to reproduce the exact colors every time. Canon includes a built-in multi-sensor that is designed to offer precise calibration and color matching to help ensure color accuracy and consistency.

Quality will certainly not be an issue, your company can expect to print marketing and advertising materials professionally. The best part is that, you’ll be able to control everything at your fingertips and no longer have to rely on a third party when posters or banners need to be printed.

Reach out to your local authorize wide format dealer to make the switch and initiate the change. Decrease your production expenses, remove dependency on third parties, and print professional marketing and advertising materials in house!