Every time you make a big ticket item purchase, people will ask you if you would like to purchase insurance, extended warranties, or some sort of maintenance contract. You probably have in the back of your head with the answer, “No,” before they even ask you.

Unlike automobile insurance, you don’t get the option to do that, obviously because it’s the law. If an incident occurs, someone has to be responsible for the damages and repairs, and that’s where the insurance companies come in. They take on the liability for you because you pay a premium in precaution.

People use their cars practically everyday and the risk of something happening is significantly higher than you breaking your television or computer. In comparison to when you’re deciding to purchase insurance or a maintenance contract for something else, it all depends on what it is, what you use it for, and how often you use it.

Maintenance Contract will take care of your copier when it's over usedWe consider investing in a multi-function printer a big ticket investment. One of the reasons why a business would invest in one is because they need a printer that can handle their printing volume. That means offices and organizations are using their printers everyday, and throughout the day.

With that being said, we know it’s a valuable investment, we know why we bought it for, and how often we’ll be using it. So, why would you second guess about protecting it?


Do you know what’s included printers maintenance contact?

Pretty much everything, with the exception of paper. That one, you got to cut down the trees yourself! If something breaks or wears out, a technician will come out and perform the repair at no additional charge. If you run out of toner, or need a waste bottle replacement, it’ll be covered!

If you aren’t under a maintenance contract, you will have to pay everything individually, including parts & labor. When this adds up, you’ll be paying more than what you would have paid to be under a maintenance contract.

The scary part is, that’s just for a one time repair that doesn’t guarantee something else won’t happen down the road. Unfortunately, we haven’t even gotten into the expense of buying toner cartridges multiple times a year, give or take depending on your usage.

Want more benefits?

Getting greedy, aren’t we? No worries though, everything is still included!

Maintenance contracts are also great for companies that maintain a budget. By being under a maintenance contract, companies are able to predict and know how much their expenses will be when it comes to maintaining their multifunction printers. Without a maintenance plan, expenses can fluctuate at any given time and push expenses over the company’s budget, causing lack of funds for other necessary things.

Unlike insurance, you don’t have to pay a deductible when it comes time to use your maintenance benefits. So, there isn’t any concern for additional charges. Once you enroll in a maintenance contract, you pass that responsibility off to your provider and they take on the liability.

If you aren’t on a maintenance contract, don’t be alarmed. You can still reach out to your local authorized dealer to get protected today!


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