Let’s face it, most small architecture engineers, commercial construction and small businesses that need to print, copy or scan large format paper have seen very few Large Format Multifunction machines available to help them achieve results in their office. These types of companies typical send these jobs to print shops, which can get expensive and can become a real hassle.

Here are the three best reasons you need a Large format Multifunction Printer.

Reason #1 Sending out for prints – the average cost of an Arch D size print is $9.00 per sheet. If you had to print 10 sheets you’re looking at $90.00 in expenses. If you have a large format printer in your office you could produce the same 10 sheets for as little as $30.00 saving on average $60.00 per 10 sheets.

Reason #2 Convenience – ever get your large format prints back from the printer and you realized you forgot to send 1 page to be printed, now you have to run back to the printer, ask for a rush print, then return back to your office to scale the job hoping you have time to submit your proposals.

Reason #3 Fast Return On investments – having a large format multifunction printer in your office offers the fastest return on investment than any other commercial business expense. A typical large 36” large format printer can be leased for as low as $50.00 per month along with supplies. You could produces 100 24’ x 36’ large format prints for as little as $550.00 vs. those same 100 prints at a print shop would have cost $800.00 that’s a savings of $250.00 and that’s just 100 prints. As your business groups and produces more prints, the savings would just keep adding up!

When searching for a large format printer consider the Canon imagePROGRAF series, not only are they built for reliability and performance, but they are also the leader in large format printing, for ease of use and powerful features. It’s also important to find a local authorized large format printer dealer, their expertise will help you decide what printer is the best option and also offer local support after the sale, which could be invaluable!