Large Format Devices imagePROGRAF BLACK AND RED

Canon imagePROGRAF large format devices are compatible with ColorByte ImagePrint Software, enhancing and maximizing features!

Canon imagePROGRAF large format devices are now compatible with third party software that can help enhance your user experience. Canon has been continuing to collaborate with third-partner business partners in order to provide additional tools for end-users and expand their printing possibilities.

When used together, Canon’s imagePROGRAF large format devices and ImagePrint software enables end-users to maximize the efficiency of their color management process and achieve better output. (Great for those who print fine-art, photography, graphic arts, signage, and technical document displays with their large-format printer.)


Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer

Canon imagePROGRAF customers can take advantage of the following features included in both the ImagePrint BLACK and ImagePrint R.E.D. software:

  • RIP (raster image processing) capabilities for advanced control over color, speed, and overall quality of prints
  • Automatic color management – by default, the software selects the correct profile automatically when selecting the paper made by the printer manufacturer
  • Multi-page PDF support including the color management of named colors
  • Image adjustment tools – smart crop, step and repeat, tiling, borders and backgrounds, black & white toning and nesting to name a few
  • Advanced page layout and resizing tools – geared towards the proper handling of photographs, print ready PDF and technical documents
  • Accurate preview shows exactly what your printed page will look like
  • Workflow automation tools
  • Professional print job management spooler
  • Tools for making packaged prints
  • Ability to print directly from a variety of file types including TIFF, JPEG, PSD and PDF

Contact your local Canon imagePROGRAF dealer for more information!