There is a new law in Baltimore City requiring licensing and inspections of
all private rental housing in the city, a measure that officials have called
“the most significant update” to regulations written half a century ago.


What does that mean for housing inspection companies in and around
Baltimore? Well, that means more business for home inspection companies! More consumers will  be needing inspection services, so it’s important to have reliable printing and scanning options to quickly and efficiently process inspection outcomes, forms and other printed materials.

What type of printers and scanners do home inspection companies typical use? 
We have found that the majority of home inspection companies typical have a smallInkjet Printer typicaly found inkjet or a home office printer, purchased from Amazon or one of the superstores. Which is fine for limited copies or prints of documents, but when your print load increases, you will be spending more in ink and toner cartridges. This will ultimately eat into any increase in profits obtained from the inflation of home inspection business generated by the new law.

What can I do? First, don’t panic!
There are solutions out there that will help your home inspection company keep that additional profit and increase your workflow by streamlining office equipment and decreasing the time it takes to print and scan these documents.

What is it! There are two types of printers and scanners in the world, ones that are made for consumer use – sold on Amazon or in Superstore’s, and thenHome Inspection Printer Commercial Grade there are commercial printers and scanners. These commercial machines are meant for business use, meaning they may cost a little more upfront but you get so much more reliability and features. Best of all, a lower cost of operation, meaning more profit to your home inspection business.

How much does it cost for your home inspection company to print? Innovative offers a free service to home inspection companies, showing them what their current cost are and offer the right recommendations to lower operating cost and increase efficiency associated with printing.

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