Mobile Printing Made Easy

Why is mobile printing important?  Currently mobile users account for 72.3% of the entire US workforce, with that number growing every year. When asked what is the biggest issue when trying to print from mobile devices, 20% of them responded that finding an access to print from their mobile device was a pain.

How is your organization managing the growing needs of mobile workers?

Consider these top 5 tips when implementing a mobile printing environment

1. BYOD – (Bring your own device) if your organization allows (BYOD), your company may need to setup a mobile print environment to support multiple devices platforms like MAC OS/ Android / Windows – For companies that don’t allow BYOD, consider company owned devices, all with the same operating systems to eliminate the need for multiple device support.

2. Security – Users printing from a mobile device should not be able to bypass company policies for document access and control. Implementation of security such as usernames and passwords should be required before user has access to print from their mobile device.

3. Rules – With any print environment, it is important to have rules and regulations. Setting limitations and restrictions to certain features such as printing in color, using duplex, or the amount of pages that can be printed at a time, can help control what is being printed.  

4. Billing – Printing from a mobile device does not change the cost of printing. Every time a page is printed, it costs the company money. By monitoring and keeping track of the usage, your company will be able to moderate their printing expenses and adjust regulations accordingly to control cost better.

5. Time – Employees can waste a lot of time trying to print from a non-mobile-friendly environment, especially if they are not informed on how to do so efficiently. We all know that time is money, but consider spending some time addressing complications that employees may have and educate them on how to use mobile printing more effectively, so that the company may be able to save money in the long haul.

Mobile Printing Solutions


CanonPRINT Business- A mobile application that enables users to print photographs and documents, read scanned data, upload to cloud storage services, etc. on a Canon laser multi-function device or laser printer from an iPhone or iPad.

Direct Print and Scan for mobile- A mobile application that helps expand the capabilities of the mobile workforce with an array of printing and scanning features, such as scanning hard copies to their mobile devices and performing mobile print job tracking.

EFI PrintMe- A cloud based, mobile print solution offering flexibility and convenience. The solution accommodates mobile professionals, who need to remotely print documents stored in EFI’s PrintMe Service and fulfills the need for a convenient, easy-to-use mobile printing solution. It also allows businesses to provide customers and guests with an easier way to print while lowering IT support costs. Your customers can upload documents to the cloud for printing using laptops, smartphones or tablets anytime, day or night, and print their documents whenever it’s convenient for them.

UniFLOWuniFLOW is platform designed to save your organization time and money by providing effective controls over its entire printer and multifunction printer (MFP) and scanner fleet. With its modular design, the uniFLOW solution can scale to fit any size organization, and can be customized to fit your organization’s specific needs. The solution is able to track all output costs, create price profiles to account for different types of charges, such as color or size of paper, and set budgets to restrict printing when budget is met.

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