Does your office currently have centralized printing? Well, there’s actually a right and wrong way of doing it.We typically place our office copier printer somewhere in the office that would make it convenient, efficient, and productive for everyone to use. Unfortunately, poor allocation of office devices will decrease the productivity in the workplace. Surveys show that employees tend to spend 3 minutes each day at the office copier printer, which adds up to be over 13 hours a year. That sounds like a lot of money being wasted.

Why are there so many hours wasted at the copier printer then? Often times, printers are placed right in the middle of the office, and that forces employees to travel further away from their desk to retrieve their print jobs. Employees tend you get distracted by other co-workers on their way there, once they get there, and we can’t forget about the trip back to their desk either.

How can offices increase back their productivity? Research shows that it is optimal to place one printer within 25 feet of every workgroup. More important, analyst say to have a printer in each department, so that if there is conversation taking place, then at least there is a higher chance the topic will be work related.

Surveys show that employees with printers located in their own departments were far less likely to lose productivity. They were 36 percent more likely to engage in mostly work-related conversations while waiting for their print jobs to finish.

Of course, change can be hard, but it can lead to some serious positive results. If you’re looking to increase productivity, decrease resources being wasted, and need some assistance with how to create a Centralized Printing environment, reach out to your local authorized equipment dealer!