Avaing Energy Multifunction Printers

As mentioned in a previous blog, printing double sided can save a significant amount of money. Instead of going through one case of paper a month, you can cut your usage and expenses for purchasing paper up to half the amount. For example, $30 per case a month for 12 months would be a whopping $360 a year on just paper, but by cutting usage in half, you can save up to $180 a year!

Next up, we have a toner saving mode, which can be set up in your printer’s preferences before you print. This is also known as draft mode, which uses less supplies reduces your impact on the environment. By doing this for copies that require less quality, such as for testing purposes or note taking, you can save on toner and ink supplies.

Another important setting that you are able to set in printer preferences to save energy and money is your sleep and energy saver mode. Users can set what time the printer should go into sleep mode, once everyone leaves the office and the time it should wake up in the morning to be ready for daily operation.

Unplugging your multifunction printer can save money too! If you know your office will be closed for a few days, spend those extra seconds to unplug it from the wall. Electronics that stay plugged in draw passive energy, which will cost money over time.

It never hurts to also proofread your paper before printing. Not only will you be Proof Read Multifunction Printerable to catch any typos that you may have missed but it will save you on that second round of printing. You can also use preview mode to check what will come out, instead of checking the page after it has already printed.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is just to re-evaluate your multifunction printer. If your machine is an older model, it may be less efficient and could be using more energy than newer models. Purchasing inks and toners may be the thing that also racks up your operational expenses as well. Inkjet printers may cost less initially, but the expenses of restocking ink cartridges, sure do add up over time.

If your not being conscious and care about your environmental impact contact a multifunction printer specialist they are knowledgeable and help you become more efficient conscious

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