There are a lot of reasons your office may need new printers or multifunctions, it could be that they no longer work due to OS or software changes, blurry text, consistent paper jams or poor image quality. These are issues your business can’t afford to deal with. If you have been experiencing any of these issues, it’s time to consider the advantages that come with investing in a new printer or multifunction. Here are the top three signs your business needs new equipment.

Printers and Multifunctions help business grow

Sign #1 – My machines no longer fit my needs

As your business grows, so does your equipment needs. If your printer is too slow or prints sub-par documents, and can’t handle your day-to-day tasks and needs, it’s time to retire it and consider a new printer or multifunction. Today’s equipment offers a number of unique functions and features that can create a custom user solution.

Printers and multifunction Security

Sign #2 – Your thinking, are my printers / multifunctions a security risk?

With today’s internet of things, more of your office equipment is online; you need to take extra steps to insure the safety of your equipment and network. Printers and multifunction are typically an overlooked part of cyber security. Hackers can easily break into unprotected systems and see what you have printed or scanned, and steal this data. Modern printers and multifunction machines typically will offer security features standard, like data erasing, data overwrite, encryption and current security protocols SSL and SMB2.

Printer and multifunction frustrated with repair and supplies

Sign #3 – You’re always dealing with constant repairs or buying supplies

Like everything, printers and multifunctions have a lifespan. The cost and down time associated with consistent repairs can often be compared to the price of new equipment;  also, if it seems like you’re spending more on supplies, consider upgrading to a more efficient printer or multifunction to lower total cost of operation. Your staff will be happy to have efficient and reliable machines, and you will be happy knowing that there is an increase of productivity and you are lowering cost associated with your office equipment.